- compare programming languages by example


Each comparison focuses on a small topic which is relevant to more than one programming language.
You can use this to compare the features and functionality of programming languages in a more concrete and example based manner than simply a list of paradigms and keywords would.

For example, to find comparisons about IO and Strings where answers have been given in both Haskell and Python: filter

Add a new comparison

Each comparison should ideally be:

Atomic: Instead of creating a "Boolean logic" comparison, instead it is prefered to create a "Boolean AND", "Boolean OR", etc and assign them all a "Boolean logic" tag.
Comparable: Ideally the comparison should be general enough in scope that it can be answered by multiple languages.
Concise: The comparison should be small enough in scope to be able to be answered in a 'small' snippet of code. Err towards functions rather than programs.

First create a concise but descriptive title and a full description of the functionality to be compare across programming languages. After submitting you will be able to add tags and code snippets.

Note: You must have permission to create new comparisons.

Snippets: 5

Export names

Export names refering to 'internal' data/ functions/ types etc for use as 'imported' by other collections of code with the implication that names which are not exported, are therefore not visible from the 'outside'.

Created by sam
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Import names

Import names from other collections of code ('modules'/'packages'/'namespaces'/...) to allow them to be used to refer to the same 'external' data/ functions/ types etc in the current context.

Created by sam
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