- compare programming languages by example


Learn an unfamiliar programming language by comparing to snippets of code written in one you already know.

This code snippets are primarily intended to cover basic syntax and small concise concepts however larger demonstrations of more complex functionality (such as text parsing, networking, etc) is within the scope of the site.


The comparisons page is the center of the site and displays a summary of the available 'comparisons' for which snippets of code may be written.
Using this page:

The translations page shows a side by side selection of relevant comparisons from two given languages, allowing you to 'translate' between them. Using this page:

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Currently the majority of the content is a number of examples of how to use functions and types from two languages Haskell and Python written by myself.
The site is mainly read-only to outsiders until the core functionality has stabilised. You may register without an email address to be granted a limited number of privileges.
Email verification is currently disabled.


This site is alpha quality! Everything is subject to change and may be broken, inefficient or incorrect - content included!